Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My last catty post

Okay, I swear to God this is my last post. I said that in 2008 I wasn't going to write any more mean posts - but as far as I'm concerned it's still New Year's Eve because I still haven't gone to bed, so I can still write this post - so I can't save it till morning - I have to write it now.

I have been having very bad luck lately with other people deleting my comments from their blogs. I don't know why - what I write sounds reasonable. I wrote a comment on the dog politics blog when she wrote about Tammy Grimes being convicted of stealing Doogie - I didn't mention that in my blog post called "Tammy Grimes, BSL and Talking out of the side of your mouth" - that I had written a comment on Barb Haywoods post - and she had deleted it, but I did.

What I had basically said was that Barb was completely up her wazoo about Tammy Grimes, she was completely wrong and was lying and should be disgusted by herself. And for some reason - Barb deleted the post. Which is pretty typical of Barb - I'm not sure if she's EVER left any of the comments I've made to her blog - maybe because what I've said on her blog is actually TRUE.

Tonight - another right wing dog politics blog - Caveat - owned by Selma Mulvey put out an OT post - called "Too Bad Nobody's Coming Over" - and it's all about this spaghetti dish that she had cooked for herself - she posted the recipe and even took a photo of the dish and posted it to her blog.

So I couldn't help myself - I posted the comment - "I can't resist - is nobody coming over because you don't have any friends?"

The comment was deleted shortly thereafter. 4 other comments (friendly) have not disappeared.

So much for editorial freedom in blog comments - if you're going to dish it out - you better be prepared to take some. I know I've left some whoppers on my blog.

But I would just like to say - Selma - if you are going to open a door - people have got to walk through it. If you are going to post an opening line like that - expect people to offer up punchlines like I said. Anyone with the slightest (normal) sense of humour would've been saying it to themselves tonight - especially anyone who knows you. And especially anyone who's spent anytime with you.

Me, I'm very happy I was able to spend time with people around me. And I'm hoping that 2008 offers up much more of the same plus some.

And yes I know I'm bad for making such a catty comment. I just couldn't help myself. But what can you expect someone to do when a super sour person posts to their blog a photo of the meal that they are proudly declaring that they are going to be eating by themselves on New Year's Eve and it's too bad that it looks so good? I mean shit, as far as I know she had to delete the same comment 100 times tonight from 100 different people. hhmm maybe she did. That would've been sweet.

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  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I am hoping you keep posting your very informative and interesting posts.

    I really enjoy them and so far haven't found any offensive.

    my New Year's Resolution is to "try" and be nicer (less sarcastic) my husband just laughed.

    Hoping your posting doesn't change,
    Jeannie :o)