Sunday, December 30, 2007

I guess Buttercup needs a haircut!

Yesterday when Buttercup and I were out shopping a lady approached us and asked me if Buttercup was a labradoodle. Can you imagine? I said - no, she's a bichon/poodle cross, and she's full grown. So I guess that may be a tip-off that Buttercup may need a hair cut. She's looking a bit messy I guess. haha! I got quite a hoot out of that! When we are out shopping we get stopped all the time because Buttercup just lays in my arms perfectly still and perfectly perfect the whole time - she loves to shop is what I always tell people - but that was a first, I must say. Buttercup is only about 16 pounds. Below are a couple pictures I took this morning with my new camera. I unfortunately need to spend another $700 or so more dollar in order to get an image stabilizer lens and then these action shots will come out perfect. Until then, I'll have to build up my picture taking acumen. The dogs do love to wrestle.

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