Saturday, December 29, 2007

E-How has really thought of EVERYTHING Now

This is just a sort-of comical aside on a rainy, snowy - shit, is it Friday or Saturday? Vacation has made me forget what day it is! Isn't that fabulous! I don't know what day it is. I think it's Saturday..... anyway - it is definitely raining outside tonight. After having snowed out all day.

I came across this article on E-How - How to Bring Your Dog Along on a Date - this is actually a "how to" article on how to do this. I believe this website has finally deconstructed how to do EVERYTHING now....

If you have a well behaved, people-friendly dog, why not take her along with you on a date? Dogs are a perfect icebreaker and conversation piece, plus they can divert attention away from the awkwardness of a first date or new relationship. You can both bring your dogs, or if your date doesn't have one, just bring yours. In any case, dogs can enhance the date by making it fun and casual. Here are some ways to bring Fido along for the date.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Step One
Run the idea of bringing your dog along by your date and make sure it's okay. If he (she) responds enthusiastically, it's already a good sign.

Step Two
Plan a pet-friendly setting for the date (Getting kicked out of somewhere is not considered starting off on the right foot). There are outdoor festivals that allow dogs, dog parks, dog friendly beaches and cafes. Some even have "yappy hour" for people to mingle with their pooches.

Step Three
Bring treats along so that your date can make friends with your dog right off the bat, plus it'll help to ensure that he minds his P's and Q's (your dog that is).

Step Four
When introducing your dog to your date, hold back on the leash and use the command for "stay," if necessary, to prevent crotch sniffing and jumping. Not everyone is aware that crotch sniffing and jumping are canine for "hello."

Step Five
Ask your date questions rather than direct all of the focus on the dog(s). For instance, find out how his (her) day or week has been going. If he doesn't currently have a pet, ask if he's had pets before and encourage him to share stories about them.

Step Six
Observe how your date interacts with your dog. This can reveal various personality traits such as a fatherly (motherly) instinct, how giving they are, and whether they are in tune with their surroundings or tend to be more self-absorbed.

Tips & Warnings
Bathe your dog before the date and make sure her coat is free of parasites.

Make sure your dog is current on vaccines and has an updated license before taking him out to a public place.

If it's not shaping up to be a love connection, having Rover along is an excuse to end the date a little earlier.

There are online dating services specifically for meeting dog lovers. Through the website DateMyPet you can set up dates that include your dog.

Only bring a dog along that is obedient and well trained, and is used to being out in public around people and other dogs.

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