Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Some of my favourite Charlie photos

In honour of Charlie's birthday - here are some of my favourite photos that I've taken of Charlie:
This was always my favourite photo of Charlie and me - it was taken at Crystal Crescent beach - I loved the way Charlie looks like he's looking back at me and he looks happy.
This is a picture of Charlie at Bissett Park in Dartmouth when he was about 3 1/2 months old - he was already knowing how photogenic he was - notice the grass in his mouth and his pithy stare.
This is Charlie and Leonard having a wrestle while we were out walking one day - those teeth they're baring to each other were still their baby teeth! Boy did they love to play!
This was Charlie and Leonard at Clam Harbour Beach - laying under their very own beach umbrella. Those were the days. Yes, those really were.
This is what I used to turn around and look at when it was just Charlie and Leonard and I was sitting at the computer. It was hard to spend any time at the computer back when Charlie was still a puppy, that's for sure.
This was Charlie getting up from a roll in the snow at Crystal Crescent beach.

I caught Charlie taking a nap on the floor - like as if that rarely happens! haha!
This was Charlie when he was really sick back in 2002 - he was experiencing his first allergic reaction and we didn't know what was going on and he was on steroids - he was 120 pounds (he's now about 85 pounds) and his 3rd eyelids were all puffed up and popped out. He was in bad shape. He was a very sad dog for a while. We still deal with his allergies on a daily basis, but he's much better now.
This is one of the very first pictures I ever took with my first digital cameras - a sony cybershot camera - I was SO impressed with this photo! I took it at Conrad's beach.
Doesn't Charlie look happy in this photo?
Charlie and Daisy were having SUCH a good time in this photo - they love to wrestle - really that's been a theme throughout Charlie's life - he's a very good wrestler.

Charlie has been my muse his entire life - he has been very indulgent of me. He lets me take pictures of him in just about any position and he just pretends like he's napping. He is SO good to me.
This picture was taken at Prospect Bay - I saw this tree way off in the distance and I dragged all the dogs up to the top of the hill and everyone came home with ticks on them because of it! But I got a couple good pictures out of it!
I took this picture a couple of weeks ago - Charlie digging his head into the ground looking cute in the back yard. He's a big teddy bear.

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