Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Template Design from Blogger

I tell you what - the people who do the designing for Blogger are the smartest people in the world. They've completely redone how you work with your templates so that it is so idiot proof and easy to work with that it is amazingly easy now to produce a beautiful looking blog in now time at all. As long as you have content that's worth putting in a blog - you can make a good looking blog. You don't have to deal with html at all anymore - and upgrading to the new layout is so super easy I couldn't believe it.

As far as I'm concerned - if Google DID want to take over the world - I would let them - because obviously - they'd do a good job of running it. They are just that smart. Really. I am completely and unabashadly in love with them. If only it wasn't so unrequited.

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