Monday, October 1, 2007

Daisy's going through Menopause!

So I took Daisy back to the vet today to get her stitches out from her surgery last week - but ever since the surgery she hasn't been able to hold her water - every time she lays down, or sits down, or stops moving - she leaves a puddle. And when she gets up from laying down she's always soaking on one side. It's been really weird. I don't know if it's got something to do with the surgery, or if it was just coincidental. So while we were at the vet today they tested her urine and decided that her hormones must be off and that must be causing her "leakage".
So poor Daisy has to go on estrogen. She's probably about 7 years old - so that makes her about 49 in people years - so she's at the perfect age to go into menopause really. I asked the vet if she was going to be bitchy because she was going on these pills and the guy assured me they would have no effect like that! haha!

When I got home and explained the situation to Buttercup she was not impressed whatsoever. She said "she didn't need anything like that when she went through menopause and she didn't see why Daisy was getting this kind of special treatment!"
But then her dander came down a bit and she said that since Daisy was a member of her family she would do whatever was needed to get Daisy through this difficult time in her life.
When I was talking to Charlie about it all he did was guffaw and dig his toes in the dirt in the backyard and get all embarrassed - so I just said that Daisy was feeling a bit "delicate" and that's why she was smelling so funny lately - but that hopefully she was going to be feeling better soon. Charlie said he hoped so because he didn't like his women to be smelling like pee all the time - it was up to HIM what smelled like pee - NOT his women!


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