Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tonight was the 4th Annual Paws for a Cause!

Tonight was the 4th Annual Paws for a Cause Dinner and Auction for the NS SPCA and this year was the 2nd year it was held at the Halifax Marriott Hotel down at the Waterfront.
If you want to read about last year's - I wrote about it - here - on my blog post from last September.
I'd say that this year was at least as big a success as last year was, and the dogs were just as cute as ever - and so were the clothes they modelled. The auction items were great, and I got myself a couple good things - including a handmade wooden pet urn that I don't know who I'll use for - maybe myself - you never know.
These are some of the dogs I took pictures of - I took pictures of all the dogs in the fashion show if you're interested in looking at the VERY cute photos - they're on my Google photo album at -
This was one of the biggest laughs of the evening - this poor guy was wearing the same sweater as one of the dog fashion participants - the pitty mix above came out wearing a brown argyle sweater - and this guy was wearing ---- a brown argyle sweater, and Neville McKay noticed him and pointed him out - and the room broke out laughing! Poor guy, eh? He'd better go to Naughty Dog and Glamour Puss and buy one of these sweaters for his dog though so that when they go out - they'll match!

Here's a slideshow of tonight's event if you don't feel like going to the Google photo album:

Before the auction today me and the dogs had a good time in the woods - Buttercup was on fire running around everywhere - it was hard to get a photo of her she was running around so much.
I DID manage to get some super photos of them with all 3 of them in the same shot. There's certain parts of the walk where we always stop and have a treat - and I was giving them a treat and I noticed - oh my dog, they're standing all squished up - where's my camera! And I got this shot. Serendipity is great.
These 2 photos are adding to my ever growing collection of photos of Buttercup running towards me - I think I must be up to over 60 of them now.


  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    great photos Joan. The pics are great too.

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Heya Joan,

    This is not related to your paws for the cause post but instead to the email you sent me today for Nathan's link.

    And this I found very interesting because I hear this about our local shelters day in and day out.


    Instead, this is the status quo. The following is a comment I received from an animal lover:

    I tried to adopt from my local shelter, but it was almost impossible to reach them on the telephone and when I did, I was treated rudely. Nonetheless, I raced down there one day after work, and the place was so dirty. It made me cry to look into the faces of all those animals I knew would be killed. But I found this scared, skinny cat hiding in the back of his cage and I filled out an application. I was turned down because I didn’t turn in the paperwork on time, which meant a half hour before closing, but I couldn’t get there from work in time to do that. I tried to leave work early the next day, but I called and found out they had already killed the poor cat. I will never go back.

    Really makes you think. I wish the Cape Breton SPCA would understand's such a shame they and other shelters can't see what impact they have on the public perception.

    angela & nelson

  3. I loved reliving that night with those fashion show pictures Joan - thanks for sharing!