Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We got to play with Greta today!

Tonight we got to go on a dog walk with the new resident dog at the Metro Dog Wash - Greta! Her Mom Terri just adopted her from New Brunswick a couple weeks ago and Greta is beautiful and happy and ready for a lifetime of long walks and sunshine and lollipops.
There was only one second where Greta took a second just to try to see if she could be the boss of Daisy - and Daisy took the next 5 seconds to tell Greta that no - she was not indeed the boss of her, and then everything was once again perfect in the world.
Buttercup was her own old self though - she was very happy to tell us all that she had just made a nice poop and was running around like crazy afterward saying - I just pooped! yea!
Daisy was indeed happy though to have someone around who looked almost just like her - only WAY bigger!
And Charlie was just happy to have someone to PLAY with !

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  1. Those dogs are so great looking :) I miss having a dog around.