Friday, May 4, 2007

Dilly is such a good boy

The main reason Dilly was returned to me and his rescuer last weekend was because he had "lunged" at 2 men while he was being walked by the person who had adopted him - so today I took him downtown to try and recreate the situation and see what had triggered him and see what his problems with "men" are and why he was lunging at strangers and see what I could do to help him with some behavioural intervention and counter conditioning.
The problem soon becamse obvious that there's nothing wrong with him. I had him on a really tight heel, a loose heel, he encountered all kinds of people, joggers, bicycles, other dogs, men with hats on, we even stopped and talked to strangers - an old man stopped to talk to us, we stopped and sniffed noses with 3 separate groups of dogs, there was 2 different music buskers we walked by - everything was bustling downtown and he didn't have any problem with any of it
He in fact seemed to be having a great time. So I don't know what his problem was with his earlier adopter. I was completely unable to recreate it. He is a great dog - his biggest problem is that he is extremely high energy - like a lot of husky/shepherd mixes are - but if you go into that kind of dog with your eyes open, then there's no problem.
After 2 strenuous exercise sessions today - Dilly is pooped, and so is his pacing and whining behaviours - which is probably why he was really returned.
He IS going to be a great dog for the right person - he is a super snuggler who wants nothing more than to be touching me at all times when I'm at home, he has a 100% recall when he's off-leash, he loves lots of exercise and is crazy about the ball, he's just an overall great dog


  1. Several things come to mind about Dilly being a 'boomerang' (as we call placements that *return*, in both rescue and breeder placements). I agree with the principle feeling that there were probably 'unrealistic expectations' which were behind the cause of failure. Learning to 'read dog' and choose the right scenarios to build on the positive can be a challenge.

    Hoping that his forever home discovers him soon! :)

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

    You have Beautiful Dogs!
    My father passed away a yr ago and I've been forced to sell the family home. I cannot take the family pet with me where I'm going and it breaks my heart to have to give him away. I'm looking for a person/family that would take in a large dog. I thought maybe you might have some suggestions as to where I can look. Im at a serious loss. I need to find a place ASAP and it seems as if everyone wants a small dog.

    If you have any suggestions and could e mail me that would be greatly appreciated. I refuse to put a perfectly heathly dog to sleep because I can't find him a home.