Monday, April 2, 2007

Back Entrance to Long Lake

Today we went for a nice lengthy on-leash walk to look for a back entrance to Long Lake that I figured was somewhere on Old Sambro Road around the intersection of Dentith Road - and ended up being quite a bit beyond the intersection, but nonetheless still existing - because I am currently looking for new neighbourhood places to walk the dogs for the next little while. Last night while walking the dogs in the woods behind my house Daisy discovered a huge amount of stuff that people expel from their body when they've had too much to drink and their heads start spinning and they feel sick to their stomach. In the dark I couldn't find Daisy for about 5 minutes and I was calling her and calling her and she was rolling and rolling and she was only about 10 feet from me all the time - it took a long time to clean her up when we got home, and it's right on the main drag of our walk - and it's going to need a couple of good downpours before I will want to go back to that area. So we need a new place to go walking.
So we found a new place at Long Lake - I love Spryfield! I'll bet there's no other entrance to Long Lake that has a warning - "Use trail at own risk - NSNR" - the trail is in really bad shape - but it's in perfect shape for us.
It's perfect for chasing and racing and running and jumping and gallavanting - all stuff that we like to do.
So the dogs were pretty happy.
The dogs got a few good chases and wrestles in, and I got some peace of mind in knowing that we weren't going to encounter any of what we encountered last night!

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