Monday, April 2, 2007

Tonight we went to listen to a talk about pet food!

Tonight me and Buttercup went to the Metro Dog Wash to listen to different speakers talk about pet food and different speakers thoughts about their philosophies since the pet food recalls have been going on in the last week - Terri Henson and Kathleen Duffy invited the representative from Royal Canin, Dr. Jennifer Bishop who is a holistic veterinarian, and Maureen Tate, who is a distributor for Urban Carnivore - a type of processed raw food.
I thought it was really interesting and I actually learned quite a few things! The #1 thing I learned was that the whole line of Royal Canin products are all made with ingredients that are fit for human consumption - which is something that I did not know. So their products have gone up in my estimation a huge amount and I'd think about buying their stuff now - and I will even investigate buying their stuff the next time I go buy kibble - right now I've got Natural Balance in their kibble bucket.
Other things I learned were from Jennifer Bishop when she confirmed about how raw vegetables are processed very poorly by dogs - and she said it's because they aren't as efficient an omnivore as humans are - I liked how she described it - it's because they "aren't as efficient an omnivore as humans are" - so what you should do is steam vegetables or cut vegetables up into as small pieces as possible so that you give the dogs digestive tract as much area and space as possible to digest the food - I liked that description.
Maureen Tate did a really good job of describing how her company sets itself apart in providing a balanced diet when you want to feed your dog a raw diet in that their patties are from the "whole" animal - they use the meat and the bone of the animals - the whole carcass - and the plant is in Canada and so are the animals - and so are all the farms that the animals come from.

A lot of people worry with a raw diet that you're not feeding a "balanced" diet - that's why a product like Urban Carnivore is sometimes the best way to go - because you have less to worry about because a lot of the guess work has been taken out of it - it's as easy as feeding a kibble diet - except that instead of taking the kibble out of a container you're taking a patty out of the freezer - but it's pretty much the same thing - only SO much healthier! haha! That's what Maureen says - and it makes a lot of sense.

I thought Terri and Kathleen did a great job and I'd like to thank them for putting on the evening!

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