Saturday, March 31, 2007

The new Petcetera in Dartmouth opened today!

So today me and the dogs went over to Dartmouth to try and find the new Petcetera that opened up in the new "Dartmouth Crossing" complex - and we got abstotutely lost. We ended up calling the store to try to get directions - and then based on those directions sort of just started driving and we eventually found the spot. Yea!! haha!
While we were there looking around we met these 2 dogs who had been adopted like Buttercup and Charlie - from the SPCA in Dartmouth - I think their names were Skye and Pepper - they were very nice dogs, out having a good time with their Mom and Dad.
That's their Mom and Dad who were behind me in the checkout.
The reason why Petcetera is politically correct as a place to shop for a pet store is because they don't sell cats and dogs - they have partnered with the NS SPCA and the Metro Branch SPCA and will be having cats from there in their adoption room and all the proceeds will be going back to the SPCA - isn't that super? They DO sell fish and small animals and birds though. It was too busy today for me to get a look at that section of the store - so I'm going to have to go back and "ferret" that out, if you will - because as a former owner of rats - I have something to say about selling rats and small animals in chain stores - but certainly you can't have anything - but on the other hand - you can certainly ASK for everything.

One other good thing is I don't think Global Pets or Best Friends (or Metro Dog Wash) has too much to worry about because the stock there is different from what they sell - it wash aisle after aisle of Eukanuba and Pro Plan dog and cat food and stuff like that - whereas Global and Best Friends sells food like Natural Balance and Solid Gold - so they're obviously after a different Market - they're after the Pet's Unlimited market - which is SUPER! haha!
This photo and the above photo is of the adoption area for the cats.
This is the throng of people looking into the cat adoption area - wouldn't it be nice if all these people actually adopted animals from shelters?This is Buttercup being held by one of the mascots outside the Petcetera store - doesn't she look impressed? haha!

After I put everybody through the torture of going to an absolutely horrifically busy pet store - we went to the beach - to the "Moose" - Silver Sands beach - and for some reason I felt very kissy today - so the below pictures are the result... I think everyone had a good time - there was lots of dehydrated liver flowing, the sun was brilliant, and I even bought a big bag of horrible marrow bones for the trip from the pet store to placate everyone - and the beach was empty because it was cold and everyone had other things to do on a nice Saturday. It was a good day all around.

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  1. I took Duncan there with me around noon time. His first outting since his surgery last Monday. I was very proud of him for not marking up the store, lol!

    I agree with you now that you've put in words what I was trying to figure out! I was a bit let down by the overall experience of Petcetera, until you said they were going after the P.U. clientele due to their food selection. That's exactly it!

    I'll keep shopping at Global.