Saturday, March 31, 2007

Livin' Large and Lovin' It

For a dog who lived completely outdoors in the elements and gave birth to 3 litters of puppies in that time - Daisy certainly does love to live the high life now.
She absolutely loves to sleep under the covers when I put a blanket over her. She will pant like crazy and seem like she's totally hyperventilating she's so hot - but she will not move if I put a blanket over her when she's lying down, she's so happy to be coddled.

She is the most amazing dog to give love to.

And Buttercup goes - what about me? How can you forget about me for one moment in this universe of Buttercupfulness?


  1. Cute! Duncan and Delta, same way. I just can't figure it out how a short-nose dog like Duncan will sleep under the covers by my feet for an hour before he moves. I can't even stay under there for 5 minutes (which was bad news for past partners, lmao! Pardon my bawdyness....).

    Delta will pant and go on like you described of Daisy... but she'll stay there for a long time before she finally gets up to cool down.

  2. Great Blog. Great Dogs! Isn't it funny how the biggest dogs make the best lap dogs. My lab is the same way. He just loves to be covered up with a blanket when he's napping on his dog bed.