Thursday, March 29, 2007

A new place to walk the dogs

I'm always game for going just about anywhere new to walk the dogs.

I was at a convenience store last weekend and saw a co-worker of mine who sold a house to a dog-friend of mine and I asked her if there was any good places in the neighbourhood to walk dogs because my dog friend didn't know the neighbourhood - and my co-worker said - "oh yeah - there's all kinds of places" - and she described this place at the end of Whitehead Road out in Harrietsfield that everyone goes to - so today me and the dogs went and had a look-see.

This is also what's great about Spryfield and surrounding area - this is like 5 minutes from the hustle and bustle of my house and Halifax - this is all complete wilderness as you can see from the Google Earth image - I was completely in the middle of nowhere! The top of the photo is the place where my house is.

It's funny how local's who go to places who have lived in an area for generations generally don't think about who owns the land or what's on it - I'm pretty sure it's private property - so I don't think I should say exactly where it is or how I got there - but there was a really neat old graveyard on the property that I think was a family graveyard - there were some stones there from like 1831 and the latest one I saw was 1987 - there were names with "Brunt" and "Yeadon" and a couple others on them. You can see it is not maintained at all.

Buttercup says - "I am getting the hell out of here!" Daisy had a WONDERFUL time today!
Throughout the whole property there were logging roads everywhere - it was a perfect spot for walking the dogs - and no one around anywhere. It was a great day all around - if you had rubber boots on of course! Anything else and it would've been a completely shitty day though - so beware intrepid hikers of the HRM - get your rubbers out.

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