Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Busy Weekend Means a lot of Pictures!

Saturday Teddy went to Metro Dog Wash to see Kathleen who is the groomer there to get his hair cut. I asked her if she could make him look more like a poodle this time - I didn't want to get him completely shaved down like I usually do because he just absolutely freezes to death when I get that done, and it seemed to be so inhumane to do that - so I figured if I wasn't going to get him shaved I'd try to have him look like what he is. He looks more dandy din-mont terrier than anything though, because being muzzled means he has the fu-man-chu moustache left over as you can tell from the pictures below. He is looking EXCEPTIONALLY cute though. Much better than he has from any of his previous cuts.

I also took Charlie in to get a bath because I bought one of those "furminator" combs and I wanted to see if giving him a bath would get more hair to come out of his coat - those combs guarantee that they can make 90% of their under coat come out by using their brush. I haven't been able to see yet if the bath has made any difference because I forgot the fan-damn thing behind at the Metro Dog Wash in a bag there! Duh...

Doesn't Charlie look impressed?

Daisy and Charlie looking very cute with snow on their noses tonight

This is Teddy tonight modelling his new hair-do

And this is Buttercup modelling her new coat I also bought from Hounds Around Town - it was her Christmas present. I'd say she's enjoying it very much. It's super warm and is keeping her nice and dry.

These last pictures are Buttercup being the center of attention tonight at home. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

ps: For all you people from away - make a note of the snow on the ground - this is about the first snow we've had all winter here in Nova Scotia - this isn't enough to shovel - hopefully it'll rain tomorrow and take this all away! yea! I love Nova Scotia!


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Joan, did you forget about that huge snowstorm early in December that shut down the city for 6 hours in the afternoon rushhour? *winks*

    So this is the second snow in a very mild Nova Scotia winter! :)


  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Yea I was 5 hrs getting home on the bus in that one!!