Sunday, January 7, 2007

Daisy likes to hide stuff

While I was out in the back yard this morning picking up poop, Daisy was hard at work trying to find an appropriate spot to re-bury a 1/2 eaten horrible rawhide chew. She's got stuff buried all over the back yard that she keeps digging up and reburying.

Daisy looks like she's almost decided on a spot....right next to the fence.
Teddy's eyes have almost disappeared - looks like it's time for a hair cut - he's got an appointment next Saturday morning with Kathleen at Metro Dog Wash. Poor Teddy! Time to be medicated and muzzled one more time.
I also put out the first parts of the many and miscellaneous buried cars that are in my backyard into the garbage too. What a great leap forward for the gentrification of my property!

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