Friday, December 29, 2006

Ick! One of my fishes has Ick!

A couple of days ago I noticed that one of my platys had little white spots on him and had white things hanging off him - the dreaded thing called "Ick" which is a fungal infection that fish get for some reason. I was horrified because up until now all my fish have been super healthy. I had been really unlucky with my rescue betta fishes - but my platys and guppies have been lovely. So I've been waiting for all my fish to die in the last couple of days - but it seems that only that one fish has gotten sick - it hasn't spread to anyone else - and once I started putting medication into the tank - he's started getting better.

And if you look at the picture below - it's a closeup of the above picture - having medication in the tank hasn't slowed the guppies down at all - there are 2 males chasing that poor female around even though the tank is filled with stinky tea tree oil! Those frisky guppies!

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  1. Oh Gosh! this infections can be very deadly n can lead to the death of all the fishes. plz do something so as keep the other fishes healthy..