Monday, November 6, 2006

A Dose of Reality about the 1960's and Today

Just to be clear here, I am not affiliated with the Best Friends Animal Society in any way - I am simply an admirer of their work and believe that they do good stuff. I am quite sure that they are not infallible, but they have got some really good ideas about how to improve the quality of life for our companion animals - and they are actually trying to do something about it - today - instead of just complaining about how everybody else is evil and killing animals by the awful things they're doing.

I was not alive to actually experience the 1960's - but my brother was - and he says it was a wonderful time to be a young person. He can tell you some pretty whacked out stories about walking about 20 flights of stairs at St. Mary's University here in Halifax on mescaline and all the lights in stairwell are going off and flashing like firecrackers around him and his legs were like rubber and his body had turned into a green gumby like shape. The 1960's was a super time to be alive.

But in 2006 he's a normal person just like you and me - right now today he's in Montreal at a building supply convention representing a very stand-up company buying and selling millions of dollars worth of lumber type stock.

The person who provided the website that I gave the link to in my post about whether Best Friends is a cult "Ms Jade" - left a comment on that post - you can read it at if you're not in the habit of reading the comments to my posts. It's quite a hoot. The first thing I'd say is - have you never heard the term "metaphor" before? The second thing I'd say is - this tome was written FORTY years ago - what does this have to do with the Best Friends Animal Society that exists today?

Perhaps "Ms Jade" has never been to university and never taken a literature course before - so she doesn't understand that things can have more than one level - the word "Satan" may mean something else. It may be a "metaphor" for something else. Mr DeGrimston may be talking about something entirely other than the devil. Back in the 1960's my brother would have done just about anything to get into a girl's pants - up to and including diatribes such as this.

And one of my personal favourite sayings is - "when the revolution comes - that person is going to be the first one up against the wall" - that whole passage is saying basically the same thing as that one line. So am I as evil as Mr DeGrimston? I say it in jest. But because you only see it in print you can't see my inflection.

So in other words - you people are looking for something that isn't there. Give it up. Go and volunteer at your local shelter if you actually care about animals. Do you even own a dog or cat? If you do, turn around from your computer screen right now and spend some time with them. Stop harassing the people who are trying to actually do some good in this world. Because the 1960's are over.

I am Buddhist. I don't believe in God. Are you going to come after me now?

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