Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Some Humpin' and Some Volunteerin'

So the evening's this week have been pretty busy. One evening I went out to the Halifax Shopping Centre to volunteer at a booth that the Metro Branch SPCA has set up to raise funds for Christmas stuff - it's at the Community Booth on the 1st level and they've got it set up this week and next week at the Halifax Shopping Centre. They've also got stuff planned at Sunnyside Mall before Christmas - usually they'd be doing the major stuff at HSC but they're doing renovations there - so Sunnyside Mall is going to be where they're going to set up their Christmas tree where you can buy bulbs for your dog.

Last night we went to see the parents and entertain them with Buttercup's humping dance one last time because today they left for Florida for 6 months. There's no more free meals or cookies now until next May. It's now a strict diet of toast and ice cream. I guess we'll muddle through somehow.

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