Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What am I going to do?

Oh God, we were walking up in the woods tonight and we must have walked through some burdocks. Both Buttercup and Teddy have a couple on them. Buttercup - I was able to cut them off her no problem - but Teddy - they are on his muzzle. And he of course will not let me touch him. And if I were to take him back to the groomer they are on the section of his fur that go inside the muzzle and that's why the hair there is so long in the first place! What a conundrum!

And it's not like I can leave burdocks around his mouth, so I guess I'm going to have to break his longest streak of not having bit me.

Poor Teddy. He's going to think he's under attack for no good reason again. But that thing would get up and walk away in a couple weeks once it gets filled with food and drool. Gross.

Daisy always is up for a good smile for the camera

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