Saturday, October 28, 2006

Buttercup had a BAD Idea Today

NOTE: My fabulous new computer went tits up on Thursday - and actually had been acting up for awhile - so I've been having trouble posting for awhile. It's currently back at the Future Shop (hopefully) being fixed. I'd rather have my Pentium II back which sort of works than my Pentium 4 which wasn't working at all. So I am WAY behind on my posts. So please bear with me while I catch up on my loud mouthing!

Today when we were walking up in the woods for some reason Buttercup decided that it would be a good idea to roll around in a burned out camp fire! Can you believe it?

So for a little while today I had a soot covered white dog. She of course went immediately into the sink when we got home. She was not very happy about THAT - I am quite sure about that one! haha! She's currently got a pretty good sulk on.

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