Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Ceilidh for Critters was tonight!

 Tonight was the 3rd annual Ceilidh for Critters which was in aid of the Animal Rescue Coalitions and the Bide-a-wile shelters - and I'd say that everyone there had a ton of fun! I hope that the organizations made a bit of money too - there were lots of auction items there, and tickets were $20 each - and there looked to be at least 150 and maybe 200 people at the event - so hopefully the organizers will be happy with the turnout.

At the beginning was a display by the Lietash demo dogs which was the highlight of the evening for me and I took a few pictures. I posted them at if you want to get a little flavour of how happy dogs can look when they're allowed to run at top speed over little obstacles and jumps with their owners goading them on. It's a beauty to behold! Too bad none of the shots are clear - someday I'll figure out how to use my camera! The picture up top is of local dog walker and obedience instructor extraordinaire - Adina MacRae of Dogs on the Go.

I couldn't stay long enough for the actual auction - I stayed for the music and to bid on some silent auction stuff - but I had to get home and deal with the dogs - it's now midnight and I'm still not in bed! Yuck. Monday mornings suck at the best of times, don't they? But rest assured Dad - I'll be at work when you read this.... Yuck. Posted by Picasa


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