Sunday, October 22, 2006

Poor Teddy is naked again!

Saturday we went and tried a new groomer - Terri from MetroDogWash lucked into finding Kathleen who has just recently moved here from Whistler - and I'd like to pronounce that Kathleen is a SUPER groomer! If she can do Teddy - she can do any dog! haha! She did such a good job, and she was so gentle and patient. Amazing, really. Her west coast attitude seems to have blended with our laid back attitude perfectly.

Her 3 dogs were right next to her all laying in one crate together and everytime Teddy tried to kill her they'd start barking a little bit like they were trying to protect her - it was so cute.

Teddy has been unbelievable unhappy about being naked since his haircut - moreso than any time he's had his haircut before - so I think that maybe next time I'm not going to get his hair cut so short - I'll leave a little bit so that he's got a "little" bit of comfort hair. He's just such a devil to get his hair cut that you want to get it done as irregularly as possible - for his own sake. But the after effects are hard on him too. It's difficult to decide which is worse!

It was also the perfect time to give Buttercup a bath - and she fluffed up so beatifully - like the perfect little bichon mix that she is - she looks so beautiful when her hairs poofy! But she made quick work of that last night in the woods.... see below for her feelings about being poofy! haha!

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