Friday, September 22, 2006

Video of the dogs at the beach

I had a horrible day today on many levels - so I wanted to end today on a positive note - because that is actually the kind of person I am - and I wanted to also end if focussed on the dogs - so here is some video of the dogs at Conrad's beach on Wednesday. I think you're going to enjoy it. I certainly did. It is pretty awesome as far as I'm concerned.

You can also go to YouTube and watch it at


  1. Anonymous2:11 AM

    You listen to CBC...LOL

    Me tune.

    nelly & ang

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    That was beautiful Joan and I absolutely need to get my crew there one of these days - you'll have to give me directions again. Delta will love you forever for them...

    Lisa, Delta, Oscar & Duncan

  3. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Your dogs seem so happy !!!As was my little Vénus when we were there five years ago... We miss Halifax !

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Hiya Joan - great footage of your crew at the beach! Charley (my Buttercup!) would love it! Any chance you would share directions? Is it before Lawrencetown Beach or am I waaaaay off?