Friday, September 22, 2006 got the better of me!

Oh boy, I'm in a mood now. My dander is up - and I don't even know what dander is. Maybe the word's supposed to be gander. I don't know. But there's a post on the dog politics blog - "My dog Votes" that has really got me going - and I left a comment at that post that I know she's not going to let go through - so I'm posting it here so that it shows SOMEWHERE.

So here it is:

I left a commentI am so mad at you I feel sick. That you would write such a vindictive rumour fuelled post is ridiculous. I have no doubt that my comment will not make it to your comments section since it is so highly moderated - so I will also post it to the DLCC list - which is also moderated - so I know it's also not going to make it there. So I'm also going to post it to my blog - which I OWN, so it will surely show up there, and I'm also going to post it to the DDB list - which "I" moderate - so it's going to show up there TOO! You have done nothing but personally attack the organization of DDB and Tammy Grimes - slander her, and take the focus off of what SHOULD be the focus - DOOGIE, and the abusers! And saying that DDB has a hidden agenda and a list of places around the country of homes where they want to take people's dogs. Can you imagine? I have to tell you right now that I am ASHAMED that I have glued a "My Dog Votes" bumper sticker on the back of my car - that I have BESMIRCHED my vehicle with your logo! And if I had have known that you owned the copyright to the "Candlelight Vigil for dogs" - I certainly would not have organized one in the city of Halifax Nova Scotia last year! All the time and effort so that YOU could have the glory? Does everyone else know that YOU own the rights to the Candlelight vigils for dogs like you so eloquently state in your post today?

This whole thing about the "could your dog be next" - that is SUCH ridiculousness! YOUR dog will only be next if you keep him outside and chained and unattended. Do you do that Barbara? Do you leave your pit bull unattended and chained and abandoned in your backyard like Doogie was? No? Well then - you have nothing to worry about from us!

And may I say once again - Doogie is/was not a piece of evidence that should be thought of the same as a car or any other thing that was in the back yard he was removed from. He is a living, sentient being who could not move - he had lost the ability to reach his empty water dish and empty food bowl. Within a few more hours he'd probably have started have little seizures and just quietly died. And none of this melee would be happening. Please read my other posts about this topic to understand my ideas on this topic:

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I'm going to have a heart attack I feel so sick by what you've written.


  1. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Hey, I went to the website and your comment did indeed appear, as well as quite a few others that feel the same way you do. It's definitely a hot topic...


  2. Furmom of 118:03 PM

    I'm usually a lurker on the DDB group but I had to respond to your post. I had never heard of Dogpolitics before and am amazed there are people that ignorant in the world. I hope they never get the chance to run the country. I'd seriously consider moving. To me, what Tammy did was absolutely the most compassionate and courageous thing. She took a dog that obviously needed medical attention right away. And as far as keeping Doogie hidden, why wouldn't she? I wouldn't want anyone to have the chance to give him back to those people. It just makes my blood boil that these "people" think more of politics than the pain and suffering of a dog. Tammy, you rock!!!