Saturday, September 23, 2006

Virtual Dog Expo going on this weekend

I've been listening all afternoon and evening at this "Virtual Dog Expo" on the internet - it's been pretty neat actually. I went on it because Tammy Grimes was supposed to be there - but I guess she chickened out for some reason - but I've stayed on and listened to the topics going on. It's been fun - you should go and listen too. I'd say it's the wave of the future - totally interactive internet stuff - except for me, because I don't have a microphone - but that's okay - no one wants to hear MY voice!

I will be updating this post shortly though because one of the speakers I MOST wanted to hear was Barbara Haywood from "My Dog Votes" - and I DID hear her and made some notes - and I'll post here what she talked about a little bit. Once I have it typed up I'll post it here...

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