Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sinden Birthday Party and Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Yesterday was a no-dog day down in Shelburne. The things you have to do for your family, eh? It was 3 birthdays in one. Shelburne is a lovely little town down at the left hand tip of Nova Scotia, almost as picturesque as the part of Nova Scotia as I live in. Well, since I was there yesterday - it became as picturesque as the part of Nova Scotia that I live in! haha! In fact, I think that there's been world famous photographers who love that part of the province. It ranks right up there.

I didn't take pictures of them - but I got TWO lovely buoys from right in front of my brother's house - of which the pictures below were taken. What a haul. It was a banner day. I also put a web album on line at of the day's festivities from my friends and family. The pictures turned out pretty good since I'm not in any of them. I hope you will indulge me since they also don't have any dogs in them.

This is what a nice house and yard look like.
A true party animal

Shelburne harbour from outside my brother's house. Buoy booty Central

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