Monday, September 11, 2006

Responses to Last Week's Lisa Murphy Letter

There were some comments to last week's letter of Lisa Murphy about the "free to good home" letter in the Chronicle Herald that I feel I have to comment on. I'm pretty sure that Lisa would want me to comment on them - even though I will say right here that these are MY opinions only and the thoughts of no one's but my own. I don't speak for the Nova Scotia SPCA or anyone else. I am just a private citizen - but I am pretty sure that I am right! haha! And that Lisa would agree with me! So here we go...

Unfortunately the SPCA isn't much better. Instead of spending much needed money on spay/neuter program they spend thousands of dollars on a single dog to send it to PEI. Pathetic. Prevention would be better.
A real animal lover

When this comment came in, I wanted to chew on nails. Especially the last line. When people say shit like that, that always gets my goat. "Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others." That person saying that makes their previous comment make more sense, don't you think? "A real animal lover" Obviously an animal lover of only perfect animals, though. But I digress. The 2 pictures below are of a boxer that was left for dead on the side of a road - Nellie - who was fostered by a good friend of mine - Lisa who owns Delta and Oscar who you see every once and a while on this blog, was a beneficiary of some of those "thousands of dollars" that are "wasted on a single dog".

Those "thousands of dollars" come from a fabulous thing set up by the Nova Scotia SPCA called the "Cinderella fund" - it's a completely separate chunk of money - and fundraising is also done separately - so it's not taking any money at all from spaying and neutering - all it's doing is saving the lives of dogs like Nellie, and other very worthwhile animals.

Look at the first picture of Nellie. She's very close to dead. Look at the second picture. She's very much alive. The Cinderella fund, Lee Anne Tibbo, the Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital, Lisa Davis, Lisa Murphy - who spearheaded the Cinderella fund - and countless other people helped that "one" animal. And I think it was worth it.

All life is precious. I can only hope that someone would do it for one of my animals if they needed it. Wouldn't you hope that they'd do it for one of yours if they found it abandoned on the side of the road?


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM


    Oh that picture, hee hee!

    Lisa, Delta, Oscar, & Duncan (and of course, Nellie will thank you too once her new, GRATEFUL mom/family reads this!)

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    What gives someone the right to determine whether or not a single animal is 'worth' saving (or spending money on?? In Sunni's case, she was leaft for dead. The individual who hit her left her crippled on the side of the road. Luckily she had a witness who picked her up and brought her to the vet. Had she not have been the sweet sould that she is, maybe things may have turned out differently. Sunni ended up in this situation through no fault of her own. Caring people pooled together to help and fundraise for this girl. And it was all worth it.

    Do I regret carrying her around for all of those days while she couldn't walk? Hand feeding her? Converting my home to accomodate a 'cripple'? taking time to bring her to surgery? Visit her afterward? Teach her to walk again? And find her that new loving home? Not a minute of it.

    Sunni is happy in her new home and deserved that second chance. In addition to her injuries, it was discovered that she had suffered some harsh treatment. But Sunni shone through.

    No prevention efforts can eliminate all special cases as this one, nor 'the dog who was shipped to PEI'. Something sweet was also seen in her, and she continues to shine in her new, loving home.

    Lee Anne and Sunni's former house mates

  3. Anonymous4:32 PM the so called "real animal lover", I say shame on you! Please do not comment on that which you really no absolutely nothing about.

    My husband, my daughter, our 7-year-old boxer, and I are the new family of Sunni aka Nellie who now are able to wake up every morning to an uncontrollable bum wiggle and lots of kisses! If it were not for the "Cinderella Fund" which is a completely seperate fund, our poor Sunni would not be here running through the grass with our daughter and other dog and being an unforgettable part of our family.

    This poor girl had suffered enough in the short time from which she was born to the time that she was rescued after the accident.

    The NS SPCA is a wonderful organization that only deserves praise for every ounce of hard work that they ALL put into it. I would love to know if "real animal lover" has ever donated any time or money to this association or if this person only donates their uneducated opinion.

    It infuriates me that Sunni has been dealt the hand that she has in her short life. To this day, we are still trying to make her feel safe but with every day comes a little more of a sense of ease with this beauty. She no longer guards her food, she is more comfortable with large men, and most of all...she knows that NO MATTER WHAT SHE IS SAFE AND NO ONE IS GOING TO HURT HER OR STARVE HER AGAIN.

    I thank ALL those involved in her care over that tumoltuous time, Lee Ann, Lisa, the SPCA and most of all I thank the veterinarian that saved her.

    Were it not for this program we would not have our addition to our family and I applaud all those that help any animal in any way that they can.

    I, personally, am thankful that our girl was not destroyed because she was not "perfect"...who or what the heck is perfect and who is to decide what perfection is...Hopefully not "real animal lover".

    Carrie Thorsen
    Proud owner of Sunni