Saturday, September 9, 2006

The REAL Reason Condoleezza Rice is coming to Halifax and Nova Scotia on September 11th

Is it because she is having a clandestine affair with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay? (I don't think so, somehow).

I think it's because she realizes that Nova Scotia is the safest and most beautiful place on earth - as I've said before - it's shangri-la here. And she's proving it to the world by coming here on such an auspicious and life altering date. Why would she come here on a date that is so important to Americans? Why wouldn't she go to New York City? Or show good faith and go to a Muslim country? Instead - because there's so much turmoil, unrest and chance of terrorism on this coming September 11th - she's going to come to a place in the world least likely to have anything happen. Shangri-la. Nova Scotia. The place where I took these pictures tonight at Conrad's beach.

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