Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sail boats & Buttercup's Birthday!

I was VERY neglectful to mention that August 17th was Buttercup's "Got" day - it was August 17th 2003 that I brought her home from the SPCA over in Dartmouth to foster her - and never took her back. It was my Father who ultimately adopted her from the Dartmouth shelter because of my living situation at the time and my evil yet absent landlord - I knew that they wouldn't let me adopt a dog - but they however never came to the building that they owned so I could have knocked down walls and sold the building from under them and they wouldn't have noticed. So my Father - in a huge act of compassion - because he could see that Buttercup had become heaven and earth to me - agreed to adopt her and I would become her "caretaker for him". It's worked out pretty good so far! haha! And do you know that to this day she still treats him different than she does everyone else? It's very funny - it's like she knows. That it's actually him who "owns" her.

But anyway - I think I'm becoming fixated on sail boats - or it's been a windy week - so lots of sail boats have been going by me when I'm out with the dogs. I got a couple more good shots of a sail boat today. And Buttercup just sat there waiting for me to take a picture of her in front of this one. I had to laugh because she was like - "will you hurry up and take the picture so I can move on?" The other pictures below are cropped shots of other photos that I took this morning at Point Pleasant Park on our "small dog walk" in belated honour of Buttercup's birthday this week. 3 years is like 1,095 days. I am like the luckiest person in the world. I was listening to a Sarah McLaughlin song yesterday and there was a line that said "every hour we spent together lives in my heart forever" - or something like that - and every hour of 1,095 days - man, what a gift. What a blessing. As a Buddhist I try not to cling, but it's really impossible - at 11 years old I could only pray for another 3 years.

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