Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Falling Down at Crystal Crescent

Sometimes I question why I take the dogs to hell and beyond every night so that they can get their exercise and we can have some fun and I can feel like they're having a well rounded "off-leash" life. I fell down twice tonight on the rocks at Crystal Crescent and I looked around at one point and thought to myself - I'm getting too old for this stuff. Maybe the dogs are getting too old for it too. Both times I fell down I had Teddy in my arms because he refused to walk over the area we were walking through because he's such a princess. Everyone else didn't have any problems with the terrain - including Charlie the plugger who just had his ACL surgery 2 1/2 months ago.

I'm pretty adept at falling down because I do it on a regular basis - I've never had the best of balance - but doing it while carrying a dog, a coffee and having a smoke in my mouth tonight caused me to get a couple scrapes on my legs. It put a damper on the evening for a couple minutes. That's for sure. Other than that though, it was a lovely evening. I took these pictures at my favourite spot in the whole world. I think Charlie's figured out I like it there because he uses it as an excuse to take a break - we get there and he just plunks himself down - because he KNOWS we're going to be stopping at that spot!

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