Friday, June 16, 2006

Metro Dog Wash Grand Opening Today & Tomorrow!

Today was the grand opening of the Metro Dog Wash down on Cunard Street - which also happened to coincide with Charlie getting his stitches out from his leg - so I thought it would be a great opportunity to have an outing with him (and of course Buttercup wouldn't let me leave the house without her) - and also have some free food - and spend some money that I don't have on spectacularly yummy treats for the dog while sticking my nose into a store that I know is going to be THE most popular spot in the city in a very short amount of time. The owner Terri is getting such great stuff from local people - and the whole dog wash idea is such a great idea - that everyone is going to be saying to themselves "why didn't I think of that?" and smacking themselves on the butt. But the problem is that none of US could have done it with any of the FLAIR that Terri's doing it with - so that's why she and Jude from Kate's Farms are going to service the dog owners of the HRM so beautifully! So now on to the pictures!

Terri and Jude getting Charlie's pup cakes ready! Posted by Picasa

Charlie shaking up - errr - GREETING - the customers and potential dog washers coming in! Posted by Picasa

Jude trying to talk Charlie away from the door with her wheat-free cookies. He was taking the cookies....but he wasn't too happy about moving. Posted by Picasa

Buttercup says - "hey - where are my cookies?!" Posted by Picasa

Some of the art work available for sale on the wall - very cute folk art of doggy stuff - the lady who paints these also does commissions of your own dogs! But you've got to go into the store to find out more about THAT!

2 golden retrievers getting SQUEAKY clean!

Posted by Picasa

Charlie hanging outside shaking his money maker to bring the customers inside...

When we got home tonight Charlie got to dig in to one of the knuckle bones we bought at the dog gear section of the store. Daisy is looking on VERY closely to see at what point she can YOINK it away from Charlie. Needless to say it was very shortly after the picture was taken. Charlie is very easily distracted. Daisy is a very focused, and very hungry girl.

And then tonight everyone tried to get as dirty as possible at Seaview by rolling around on invisible stinky stuff. Here's Duffy and Buttercup rolling on something or other.

And then Duffy, Buttercup, Nellie, AND Daisy going in for a group roll!

Then Daisy says - "this rolling area belongs only to me!"

"We love to roll on stinky stuff!"

And then the 3 small dogs very haughtily walk away as if nothing can cling to them at all....



  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Hey Joan, Just wanna say that I love reading your blog. I am a proud owner of three happy & healthy dogs and your site is so informative and interesting. If I ever need to know anything about dogs and HRM dog- related news, I always head to this blog. Great job and keep up the awesome work! Rock on sista :)

  2. What a beautiful dog wash! And that wall of art! Really nice pieces there.

    Good to see Charlie up and around.