Monday, June 12, 2006

Daisy's famous!

There's a blog down in the USA called "Dog Politics - The Political Blog For Dog Owners: Wake Up & Smell The Dog - There's A New Breed Of Voter In Town" - they heard about the uproar this week over Darrell Dexter's BSL stuff - and also the Green party got into it too, which I didn't even comment on, and it's almost worse than what Darrell Dexter said - and I should've talked about that too! But anyway - mine and my friend Tara's "Unmuzzled" blog got mentioned - you should go check it out!

It's also where you can get the "My Dog Votes!" bumper stickers!

1 comment:

  1. I've been to your blog a time or two.
    I know you have a kind heart and Im a dog lover too.
    The following link will show the disgrace
    of how some lost souls have no grace.
    Her name was Mercy and we all miss her dear
    That someone can do this, this is my fear.

    Excuse the attempts at rhymming :)
    Mercy brought an entire city together for days around Easter. Peace.