Friday, April 28, 2006

Sunday April 30th is International Day of the Dog!

This is so neat! And it's neat for a couple of reasons - it's interesting because it's being started by a lady who's an animal communicator (and I like animal communicators); it's interesting because it's all about being kind to dogs - including not bullying dogs by harsh training methods - and I am a person who believes in a certain kind of dog training; and the kicker? April 30th is my birthday!

And the way that I found out about it is fateful, because I have a "webring" that I started that has almost no members and the lady who started it has applied to join it because she has a dog-blog - and she had a posting on her blog about April 30th - so it is just serendipidity that I found out about it. But now that I know about it - so do you!

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  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I know what April 30th is too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!