Sunday, December 4, 2005

I Failed again at trying to groom Teddy today

I had gotten some pills from the vet to drug Teddy to try and calm him down in order to groom him in a last ditch effort before actually taking him to a groomer who uses anaesthesia to put him under in order to cut his hair - anaesthesia is so dangerous for small dogs - I really don't want to do it, but he has so many abuse issues around being groomed it's unbelievable. So today I gave him one of the pills that the vet had given me to try and see if they would be good enough so that I could do something.

This picture was taken before I gave him the drugs - last night we had a good night - I took him to Value Village all by himself and I carried him around and he had some treats and then this morning he got out of bed straight away, he was in a very good mood - so he was in a good mood when this picture was taken.

By the time the drug has settled in he was very tipsy - he was stumbling around, his eyes were half open - if I were a dog I'd be pretty happy - I am a closet drug lover - but when I got the scissors out he became his old self and was trying to bite my hands off. And then he tried to stuff himself into a corner of the chair he was laying in - so after a minute of that I realized it wasn't going to work and I gave up.

Anasthesia and piles of money given to a groomer who is going to knock him completely out is the only way he's going to look like a normal dog again. That sucks.

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  1. don't drug: muzzel
    I had the same promblem with Shelia.
    put a tight fitting muzzel on.
    may have to lay on top of him on a couch: cut one nail.
    thats it.
    next day same thing: he might twist and turn alot.
    i'm still using the muzel with shelia but now she lets me do it with out a fight or tring to bite me