Sunday, December 4, 2005

I hope the Liberals Weren't Hoping to Get Re-Elected

Because of the horrors of bill 132 and banning of pit bulls and the killing of those dogs there are a couple of SUPER websites that dog about dog-politics. And they've just put up some new pages that need to be looked at.

One of them is which is the bible of all things that relate to dog education. They are calling on dog owners, and those who simply cherish freedom and respect the democratic process, to vote anything but liberal in the election. The reasoning is outlined in the article at

Another website is called "Dog Politics - The Political Blog for Dog Owners: Wake Up and Smell the Dog - there's a new breed of Dog Owner in Town" - so that makes the blog pretty self-explanatory, eh? It's an American blog but the lady who owns the blog covers Canadian BSL issues very often - and this week she had an AWESOME posting with the following:

OK To Kill Puppies In Canada - McGuinty Says Law Is "Popular" OK To Kill Puppies In Canada - it's a whole huge posting about bill 132 and the premier of Ontarion talking about how popular bill 132 is in the province - you've GOT to go read it.

I made a scarf for Charlie that reads "BSL Stinks worse than poop" - everyday it becomes truer and truer.

"Dog Politics"
"Breed Specific Legislation"

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