Friday, December 2, 2005

It's been a helluva week

It has been an absolutely rotten week. My boss was particularly mean to me all week. Just awful. Really, super demeaning at every possible opportunity. And Teddy had a really horrible week too. I feel so bad for him. I have been apologizing to him all week. He and Daisy had a fight over a raw meaty bone and you can guess who lost. I had to take the day off work Tuesday to take him to the vet because he wouldn't eat, he wouldn't lay down, he would squeal every time you tried to touch him, it was like he was terrified of everything. He was just in such a state. I took this picture the morning that I took him to the vet. He was in bad shape.

I keep waiting for him to get better, for some light to start appearing in his eyes - but it's just not happening - when a little glimmer starts to glow, something like Monday night happens. And then last night he was in my lap and Buttercup was also in my lap and he was looking up in my eyes and we were sharing a moment and all of the sudden Buttercup realized he was also in my lap and she lunged for him.

It was just like with the counter-conditioning that I was doing with him. It was like I was abusing him for 15 minutes every night. Most people would see it as doing positive training exercises, but I saw it as abusing him for 15 minutes every night - because it was putting a trigger in front of him and seeing how close you could put the trigger to him until he reacted and then taking it away and then giving him a treat. So it's like putting the tool of torture in front of you constantly - why? It's like he's had no breaks while he's been living with me.

I've really given him no reason to feel safe. And I feel very bad for that. Unfortunately he's stuck here, so we're going to have to figure something out to make him feel more comfortable here. I haven't quite figured that out yet though.

Oh yeah, and I took my car in for it's safety inspection - which it passed - but Canadian Tire said the car needs about $1,200 worth of work or the engine's going to seize up at any moment. The oil pan and front pip needs to be replaced ($791), the time belt, water pump and oil seals need to be replaced ($453), the alternator pump needs to be replaced ($59), and the front brakes need to be replaced ($152). The car is 10 years old. So it's been a primo #1 shitty week.

And while I was at the vet I found out that while Teddy was in getting his teeth cleaned last Friday that the vet there - which was a different vet than I took him to this Tuesday - had for some reason - put a stitch in his bum. Can you think of any reason why he would need a stitch in his bum when he was getting his teeth cleaned? And it's a stitch that needs to be removed and she didn't say that I needed to bring him back. Now THAT'S weird!

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  1. What kind of car?

    Don't do it so quick!

    Check out the Blue Book value of your car before you put that kind of money on it.

    It also sounds to me like a really high estimate.

    I have been majorly ripped off by that much money for a junk heap of a car before, and it still didn't work - I had to abandon it in the US because it didn't even get me 300 km to where I was going. And then there was nothing I or the CAA could do.

    You might have to trade it in for scrap, take the hit and buy a slightly less-old car. Or an almost-new one (3 years old is prob. the best value).