Thursday, September 15, 2005

When you call it a collection, it's NOT Garbage!

My name tag booty - old and new! Posted by Picasa

I don't know about your dogs - but my dogs have a very bad habit of continually losing their name tags. So when I find name tags when we're out walking - I pick them up and take them home and reuse them - I just put stickers over the original dog's name with my dogs' names and stick them on my dog's collars. Otherwise I'd be spending a lot of money on name tags.

It came in handy recently when a friend of mine - Leah, who owns Abby the husky and Hutch the st bernard who go to Seaview park a lot put a lady in touch with me who was looking for dog supplies for a movie that's in town shooting - the "BTK killer" movie" - the movie about that serial killer from Kansas who was also an animal control officer after he was finished being a serial killer - who really liked being an animal control officer because he got to torture and kill animals as part of his job.

Kelli - the lady who was doing the props, needed a lot of dog tags, because the guy appareantly kept the tags from the dogs he killed as souvenirs. So I rounded up all my tags and lent them to her - that's what the picture above is - she gave them back to me yesterday.

The neat thing is that she also gave me back the tags that she made for the movie - so I got 10 extra tags back! What a score! I'm the luckiest girl in the world! As a thank-you she said that she'd also bought the Dartmouth SPCA 2 large dog carriers, collar and given them some cash too - so that was extra sweet to hear. I'm sure it'd be a kick in the pants to the serial killer guy if he knew!


  1. Anonymous8:40 PM

    That's awesome of Kelly to make that donation Joan. Hope they really appreciate that. Just wait till the movie comes out (if we can stomach it) - you'll be waving towards the screen "there's my tag collection!".

    Lisa, Delta & Oscar

  2. Or even worse - someone will be waving at the screen hollering - "hey, that's my dog's name tag - he lost that at Point Pleasant Park 5 years ago!"