Monday, September 12, 2005

Some Days you can't fathom the horror that goes on in the world...

The picture of the dog hanging from the tree where he died and the far away shot showing the tree he died in and the house he died next to. Posted by Picasa

Imagine this dogs life before the flood - "Stay away" painted on his house... Posted by Picasa

I belong to an organization called "Dogs Deserve Better" - it's a group trying to end the chaining and penning of dogs. It's a given that a lot of dogs must have drowned because they were abandoned chained to trees or their dog houses down in Louisiana and Mississippi. The above pictures are the living - or deathly - face of that.

When I got the email today from Tammy Grimes, who is the founder of the organization saying that a reporter had sent her those pictures it was just awful. I really hope these people come home to find their "property" hanging from that tree. I wonder if they'll feel any remorse at all - and if they get another dog - will they chain him too?

My poor parents can attest to the fact that I feel strongly about dogs chained in back yards. It's one of my main reasons for having my website "Charlie loves Halifax" - to get dogs out of backyards and basements and into the house because a lot of dogs end up in the backyard because they weren't properly socialized - and if you take them out then they get socialized - it's one of those stupid vicious circles. The area of Halifax that I live in has a lot of dogs tied out - unfortunately for them...

The Dogs Deserve Better site has a door hanger that you can download to silently leave a reminder when you see a dog that's been abandoned in someone's back yard. There's lots of things you can do to help those dogs who've been seemingly left to completely fend for themselves. You aren't completely powerless. Every time you go by the house check to see if there's bowls there for food and water - if there isn't - contact Animal Control - because that's animal cruelty and they can seize the animals based on that - and then the dog can have a new life. There's other tips at

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