Monday, September 26, 2005

Talking on the phone, driving, with a dog in your lap...

When I told my friend Lori that I was getting Teddy the first thing she said was - how are you going to fit 2 dogs in your lap, and still drive, talk on the phone, shift gears, and smoke a cigarette? Lori fancies (get it Lori? haha!) a professional driver since she's a bus driver by trade - so she can critique me on what I can and can't do when I'm behind the wheel.

Suffice it to say - before I took these pictures while I was driving to the beach yesterday - I threw my cigarette out the window... hahaha!

Seriously though - Buttercup has lately been deciding that she'd rather hang out on the back dash - she's been hanging out back there on and off for months, so having Teddy in my lap is no big whup to her - but yesterday she decided that she needed to be in my lap too, and we were on the last stretch of road to Crystal Crescent where there's no traffic and I thought it would be perfect to get some pictures so that Lori could have a good snicker at me. But remember - I'm also the person TAKING these pictures!

Buttercup says - YES - I've made it onto the lap! Teddy says - no problem - I just like hanging my head out the window and steadying my butt on Mommy's shoulder!

Excelsior! Posted by Picasa

See Mommy? I KNEW we could both fit on your lap while you were driving! Posted by Picasa

An homage to big laps... Posted by Picasa

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  1. Fellow Dog Owner2:00 PM


    I think this is a bit unsafe to do and endangering your pets, yourself and others on the road.
    What if you got distrated by your dogs and hit and killed someone? If you every had an accident your dogs would be killed instantly, either crushed against the steering column or out throught the windscreen. Cute, but you might want to rethink this one.
    There are seatbelts for dogs available