Friday, August 5, 2005

Jada's Got a new sister today!

I've been tormented for the last couple of weeks. The lady who runs the local rat rescue had said that she would take Jada back when Mrs Dingle died and Jada could live out her life with her girls - but luckily we got our wires crossed and I've had some great one on one time with just Jada to get to know her and realize now that she is as much a family member as every other companion animal who lives with me and deserves the same committment that I've made to everyone else - and that's a birth to death committment - I cannot foist her off on someone else when she seems to become "inconvenient" - meaning when Mrs Dingle died. So today Sonia brought me another one of her own family members that she had rescued from Stewiacke - a 1 1/2 year old female brown lady named "Greta" - and what a SUPER lady she is!!

When I picked her up she just snuggled right into my arms! When I left Sonia's we went to the vet's to pick some stuff up and I took her in with me and she just stayed right in my arms the whole time - I just kept her snuggled right under my chin - isn't that awesome? A little pocket pet that you can take out in public - she could be such a great potential ambassador for her breed! Then we went to the Best Friends Pet Store in Clayton Park because my Dad wanted me to pick him up some cracked corn and it was too hot to leave her in the car so what did I do? I took her in with me and once again - she just stayed snuggled right in my hand under my chin - it was awesome! She is another amazing rat!

When I brought her home Jada has been doing some very mean grooming on her and chasing her around - poor Greta! But they'll settle down - after a couple hours they had started to settle down a little bit and were snuggling - I was able to get a couple pictures of them - I don't know how photogenic little Greta is going to be - but maybe once I fatten her up - she might turn out to be quite the looker!

Here's the new little family member! Posted by Picasa

Greta and Jada sharing a "quiet" moment... Posted by Picasa


  1. That is absolutely fantastic news. I love agouti rats!

    BTW, check out the rat temple pics at

    Tons and tons of semi-wild brown rats.

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