Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Guess who's in town while his "parents" are on vacation?

I got to see Philip - who is now called Brodie today! He's gained a bit of weight and is now wider than Charlie - every one of the dogs in that litter is shaped completely differently and yet they still look identical - it is SO weird.

He is still exactly the same - the most amazing giver of love - and still trying to kill every dog he sees. My friend Lori who is dog sitting him for the next week is going to be doing some counter conditioning with him to try and work with him - she's a very patient soul - it will be wonderful if he can be improved in that area because you can tell that he finds it extremely painful when he's reacting to other dogs. It's only because he was abandoned for 7 years in a back yard and he knows no other way to act around other dogs - he'd much rather do the right thing and be happy - but he doesn't know any other way to act.

Here's a couple pictures that I took today - isn't he awesome?

Brodie hasn't changed a bit - except for his name! Posted by Picasa

My favourite guy - next to Charlie - in the world! Posted by Picasa

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