Sunday, August 7, 2005

I've started a new store on Cafe Press!

My new store on Cafe Press... Posted by Picasa

In an attempt to help raise some money for rescue and some money for maybe a new double studded rhinestone collar for Buttercup I've started a store on Cafe Press selling t-shirts with pictures that I've taken of the dogs with either funny captions or captions with local references like the one above - it's called "Dogkisser Creations".

Cafe Press seems to be pretty neat - you don't have to put any money up or anything and you make however much you want to mark up above the base price that they charge for the stuff - I marked everything up $2 - so I'll be making $2 for each thing that I sell on the site. Which is $2 more than I've ever made on anything I've ever done on the internet before - my Dad has always lamented the fact of how many tens of thousands of hits I've gotten on my "Charlie loves Halfax" website and now this blog and I've never made one cent off of any of it! haha! He'll be continuing to cry about the fact that I'll still not be making any money because of the fact that it'll still all be going to rescue! I find it impossible to attach money to anything related to dogs unfortunately. It's a fatal failing, sadly for me. I can only SPEND gratutitious amounts of money!

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