Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gathering of people and their dogs August 28th at 8pm at Point Pleasant Park

I am helping to organize the "Candlelight Vigil" that's going to be happening on August 28th here in Halifax - one of many that's happening across the country the evening before Bill 132 comes into effect in Ontario. Tonight I sent out emails to probably 1500 - maybe 2000 people with the below text. Hopefully a couple people will show up. Now I've got to start printing out paper copy's of the poster so that luddites will hear about the vigil too. And I better round up some people to talk at the thing too - haha - luckily I'm not the only person organizing this thing!

If you're one of the 2000 people who've already received this - you can just skip this post! If not - you should read it so that you can feel moved enough to show up on Sunday!!

As most of you probably know August 29th marks the implementation date of Bill
132 in Ontario - when the pit bull ban comes into effect and when dogs
will start dying in Ontario. On the evening of August 28th there are
going to be groups of people and their dogs gathering across Canada in
Candle light vigils to pay homage to and listen to short speeches and
think about all the dogs who are going to be very needlessly dying in
the next little while and for the foreseeable future because of bill

We're going to be having a vigil here in Halifax down at Point
Pleasant Park at 8pm on August 28th - up the road from the Shakespeare
by the Sea offices at the Gazebo. The parking lot closes at 9:30 so
it won't be a long drawn out affair - but it's really important that
people show up to show that there are people all across Canada who
understand and know about the holocaust that's going to be happening
in Ontario and that it's not going to be happening unnoticed by the
rest of the country.

We want to light candles and/or glow-sticks (depending on whether
there's a fire ban on at the time!) to signify that breed specific
legislation has lit up Ontario to the world - everyone is watching
them right now - and not for the right reasons.

There will be literature available about travel advisories and
travelling to that province with your dog - as well as other
educational materials about BSL. Breed specific legislation isn't
just about pit bulls - it's about ALL dogs - it really is about YOUR
dog. Come on Sunday August 28th at 8pm and find out why. And light a
candle for your dog and all the dogs who's lives are very soon going
to be snuffed out needlessly.

I uploaded a copy of the poster for the event in the files section or
you can access a copy at

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