Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I found a crab apple tree on the back 40!

Last week when Charlie was taking too long coming back from a pee I went back to look for him in the back 40 of my property - most of my property is wooded - even though I live in the middle of the city. I've got a small little house and a nice big property which is perfect for the dogs and cats and only one human. It'll take me years to work my way through all the weeds that have grown up through the decades in the back yard. It's so grown over that for the first time last week I noticed I've got a huge crab apple tree! It's so neat! I'm going to make crab apple jelly if I can figure some way to get the apples off the tree before they rot.

I totally shook the shit out of the tree tonight and I could only get 3 apples to fall off - see the picture below. The pictures below are of the apples IN the tree, a cropped blown up shot of the same apples and then a shot of the apples that I was able to shake out - taken on Buttercup's bed in front of the computer before she demanded to be placed upon it.

Close up of the apples in my apple tree... Posted by Picasa

Can you see them? Way up there are the crab apples... Posted by Picasa

Some crab apples from the tree! Posted by Picasa

Buttercup in her rightful spot. Posted by Picasa

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