Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Ducks Come A' Calling

The word has gotten out at my parent's cottage that they have purchased a large quantity of cracked corn so everyday there seems to be one more duck that the day before. When I was there this week the ducks seemed entirely unconcerned that there were 3 man-eating dogs drooling for their feathers mere feet above them - although one false move and they would fly away as quick as sayiing foie-gras. It's nice to see nature at work though. You've got to love the country!

From whence they come... Posted by Picasa

Why did the ducks cross the road? To get to the cracked corn! And my parents good luvin! Posted by Picasa

Come closer my little duckies! Posted by Picasa

So close Daisy could almost reach out and lick them! Posted by Picasa

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