Monday, June 13, 2005

My two ranting worlds come together!

Yesterday morning I was reading the Chronicle Herald when lo and behold Peter Duffy puts in his 2 cents about what's going on up in Guysborough! Here's what he said:

"In Guysborough, the local council is struggling to enforce a county-wide ban on pit bulls against a couple who insist on keeping their pet. When it comes to these dangerous brutes, my sympathy lies with the elected officials. Memo to the council: fight, fight, fight to avoid bite, bite, bite."

Isn't that just precious?

How could he have printed something so absolutely perfectly wrong? There was no way that he could say someting so egregiously bad like that without me gleefully writing in a response - I could barely finish my breakfast before I sent in the following:

"I LOVE it! Once again Peter Duffy has talked about dogs and gotten it all wrong from one end to the other. The ban on pit bulls in Guysborough county encompasses the district of the Municipality of Guysborough ONLY - the district of the municipality of St. Mary's which is also in Guysborough County has no breed ban whatsoever and actually welcomes ALL breeds of dogs and actively advertises that if
you go to their websites - such as for Sherbrooke Village. The ridiculousness of breed bans is highlighted perfectly in Guysborough County by the fact that if you drive literally 3 minutes down the road from the affected "pet" in question in Mr. Duffy's column you will come to the district of the municipality of St. Mary's where he would be living his life free from all constraints of the death sentence that he's now facing simply because of the way he looks. Once again Mr. Duffy has chosen to add his opinion and inflame a situation that needs absolutely no fire with more incorrect and uninformed "opinion". "

Joan Sinden
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I really struggled to not put the last word as "blather" rather than "opinion". I really wanted to use the word blather but I knew they would leave the last sentence out if I used that word so I used the word opinion instead. This might be the first letter they don't print though since it's so spiteful. But it's an important letter I think.

It really does point out how stupid breed bans are - really and truly literally 3 minutes down the road from Zeus there is no breed ban at all. And it's really important that people know that there is only one part of Guysborough County that has such a heinous policy about it's companion animals. And it's in the district of the Municipality of Guysborough ONLY.

And Mr. Peter Duffy gave me the fabulous opportunity to point that out and the opportunity once again to try and show him that his attitude towards dogs is perhaps not very healthy. I have no idea why he has so much anger towards an animal that is a gift directly from God that's meant to give us nothing but pleasure and the best kind of unconditional love. It is surely Mr. Duffy's loss.

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