Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's all about the buoy booty

I have been so consumed with the Guysborough "situation" the past few weeks that I've been neglecting my own dogs who've been patiently sitting on the floor staring at the back of my neck and waiting for me to take them to the beach as the summer quckly starts to pass us by.

So I shook my head and off we went to Crystal Crescent Beach on Thursday and Prospect Bay on Friday. There must have been some good storms off Crystal Crescent with a boat getting wrecked because there's was lots of good stuff there that I had to leave behind because I just couldn't carry it all. There was even a big whole buoy floating free but caught on a big rock that I just couldn't get to - that would've been sweet but I probably would've drowned getting it. That would've sucked I guess.

So here's a couple pictures from the adventures!

The almost complete wooden lobster trap I left behind Posted by Hello

The queen of dirty feet with big dog syndrome surveys her kingdom at Prospect Bay Posted by Hello

Buttercup sniffs the buoy booty that was carried home - quite a haul - I'm VERY proud! Posted by Hello

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