Thursday, June 9, 2005

Guysborough Water

A pensive je-ne-pense-pas Charlie looking around Guysborough's Boylston Park tonight Posted by Hello

Tonight me, Charlie, Buttercup, my friend Lee Anne and her 2 boxers drove the 3 hours to Guysborough to a town council meeting where the owner's of the pit bull Zeus were going to ask for the resignation of Warden Lloyd Hines. Lee Anne and I were late (of course) because we got horribly lost and spent a long time on a dirt road that seemed to take forever - so we were about 45 minutes late and probably missed lots of good stuff.


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  2. I know in the oldie days it wasn't always great for dogs but I don't think people fought over them like they do now a days.
    they had other priorities.
    My uncle was bit on the face by some chained dog that was out side a garage, my gran said well that served him right for going near the dog.
    the dog lived on.