Thursday, April 14, 2005

Some pictures for pleasure

Even though I haven't posted I still continue to take pictures on our daily adventures. Here's a selection from the last little while...

Charlie Daisy and Buttercup receiving affection from a fellow dog-park user! Posted by Hello

These are 2 dogs who if they lived in Ontario would be dead right now. Lucy - the white dog is a pit bull puppy who was taken to be killed when she was about 6 weeks old but was saved and Lexi's an am-staff mix - they're both sweet, happy, dog-friendly well socialized dogs who go to the dog park every day and love to play! And THANK DOG they live in HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA!!! Posted by Hello

An awesome picture of Leonard's eyes don't you think? Posted by Hello

What is that flash of white that just went by me...... Posted by Hello

Nellie is about 17 years old and still comes to Seaview twice a day and yodels on top of the hill. And stares at me the whole time she's there waiting for some liver to drop out of my pockets... Posted by Hello

My happy dog Charlie shows his perfect face again. Posted by Hello

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